A reader writes: The Relief Brings Tears

A reader writes:

Dear Brian,
I am only a tad older than you (your birthday is 4 years and 1 day after mine), similar long walk with Jesus through a wide net from Pentecostal, Presbyterian (family), to Roman Catholic. There have been other stops along the way and I have ended up in a great Methodist Church. The difference is a big twist. After over eight years of working HARD to have a good marriage my husband said, “I’m done. I won’t divorce you but I am no longer involved with you either.” Within a year, I came out. It had always been there but I had tried to ignore it. I was 28. It was HARD. I had a breakdown first. I was honest with my family and friends…thereby losing most of my support when I had to support myself for the first time in my life…well, I survived! I eventually spent 3 years in the military, [worked as a mechanic and driver], and worked for [a major corporation] for 7 years. I also wrote a small self-produced book of poetry.
During that time it became obvious to me that I am transgender. I thought I could just walk it out like I had been…I am friendly, even though I dress in boots and jeans and button shirts, mostly, I can be disarming. However, very recently, I realized that as I was progressing in some areas I was steadily “circling the drain” in others. I came out to my family. Reactions were better than expected, but mostly not thrilled. I am in the process of deciding where to go from here.
I know, a lot of info for you to know WHO is talking to you. The point is…I really enjoyed your book A Generous Orthodoxy (laughed out loud, chuckled, even choked a bit). I felt like it was written for me, expressing so much of what I wanted to say and taking it farther than I could have conceived. The relief brings tears. I GOT it! It is the answer to many prayers! It also challenges ME!
… I will continue to check your books as I am able. You have my prayers. This is so very important. This CAN be prayed into existence, God willing, and I believe God is willing.