A reader writes: resonance

Last fall I was introduced to your writings by an Episcopalian priest friend of mine. I am a Roman Catholic lay woman, a spiritual director with eighteen years in retreat ministry. I have been writing a book about an endeavor I’m attempting to establish … and my friend thought a lot of what I’m writing about is reflected in much of your work.
Since September I have read eight of your books, and she is absolutely right! Thank you for being another Christian voice calling us back to what Jesus was actually saying in the Gospels, as well as for so many of your insights concerning economics, relationships with “the other,” and – of course – the institutional Church, which by the way, I call Church, Inc.
Lent’s not even here yet, but I’m already counting the days until the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week and your presentations at St. Paul Church in Richmond.

Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to meeting you in Richmond, and I’m glad to know we’re discovering similar insights.