A reader writes: putting books to work in creative ways

A reader writes …

Am always amazed at how one thing can make a difference in other areas. So wanted to share with you how one of your book chapters was the starting place for 2 presentations given in the last 6 months. I know you are a busy person, so will be brief. Our Presbyterian church in NC has a book study group. We read Adventures in Missing the Point in 2011. We had a great time discussing the different chapters. Then I was cochair for the program committee for our annual Women’s Retreat in Sept 2012. I kept remembering the Dorothy leadership chapter. So our committee developed a two part presentation on One Body of Christ and how you as an individual can be a leader in your own world. We used the concepts of “us” and the “other” to discuss One Body and then used your chapter on Dorothy as the basis for the skills you need to be a leader. And since the chapter is online, we were able to use it as a handout as well. We had a very cool powerpoint presentation and used clips from the actual movie to bring the info to life. I mentioned it to a coworker and she wanted to have the presentation for her church women’s group at a Baptist Church in the area. Our committee took the program on the road. We had about 50 women at each presentation. We were so in awe at how reading a book together would influence the program for our retreat (a different group of people) and then would be shared and well received with another church (another completely different group). Thanks so much Brian – we had a great time being inspired by your work and then sharing it with others. Keep writing. You just never know where it will make a difference. PS. Hoping to have a group work on Animate Faith too.

It’s so encouraging to hear ways that people use books to promote learning in a variety of ways and settings. Thanks for sharing –