A Reader Writes: More Hopeful about the church than I have been in a long time …

Thank you. I’m about 2/3 of the way through your book A New Kind of Christian and deeply appreciative of how you’ve put together a lot of pieces and helped me process my increasing disconnect with our particular church and a parachurch ministry with which I serve. I’m blessed to have a husband who understood a lot of what you’re saying before I did, but you’re more gifted with the gracious side of truth telling. 😉 Your take has allowed me to pull back and see a bigger picture where I was zooming in and mostly sitting in unspoken (sinful) criticism/judgement before.
When finished, I will tuck this book in our pastor’s mailbox with no expectations- just to say I thought it was important and helpful.
With no particular predictions, I’m more hopeful now about God’s Church than I have been in a long time, and that’s exciting!
Thanks for these encouraging words. It’s especially encouraging because I wrote A New Kind of Christian over twenty years ago … and it means a lot to know that it still connects with readers like you.
That book was the first of a trilogy, so you may also be interested in the sequels: The Story We Find Ourselves In and The Last Word and the Word After That. Again, thanks for writing!