A reader writes: I have been called backslidden, a heretic and dodgy

I imagine you get a lot of emails so I will keep this brief. What I read of Mesa is a great comfort to me. Having read some of your own material, I can say with all honesty (and no intention to ingratiate) that you have arrived at many of the same conclusions I have over the last ten years or so. I am happy to know I am not the only Christian out there who thinks outside of the traditional box and does so without diminishing their passion for Christ or the Gospel. I have been called backslidden, a heretic and dodgy, but in reality I lead a devoted life and have an intimate and meaningful relationship with God. I share the Gospel with people at work, read my Bible, pray and worship, but I am still not very welcome in church circles as I ask awkward questions – about hell, about biblical interpretation, about homosexuality (I am not a homosexual but I have friends who are and struggle to fellowship in an environment where they would not be as welcome as I would be), about the wisdom found in other religions, etc.
I’ve pretty much accepted that this is how life will be for me, and am okay with that in the main (God’s company is compensation enough), but having come across people like yourself, and now Mesa, I find myself hopeful that life doesn’t have to be as lonely as I thought. I live in Nottingham, and would love to meet some like-minded people. Are you aware of any groups/individuals that I might enjoy meeting with?
Thank you for your books, and for taking the time to read this.

Thanks for your note. I know many readers here will identify with your experience.
If other folks in the Nottingham area would like to make contact with this person, maybe you could put a post over on my facebook page …