A reader writes: I had no idea that life could feel this good

thought I would send along an email as I am beginning to work through Naked Spirituality again. Apparently, there were more lessons I needed to learn to get me to the places that God wants me to be…although, as my trusted pastor has pointed out “And sometimes, [stuff] happens.” I could have never predicted this path or the trauma and pain that comes with it. I have always set out to make the best choices, to do the best for everyone…I see now that that took me out of the equation. I never realized how deeply I believed that I was unlovable and worthless…or how much the ridiculing and control took me to a place that wasn’t me. PTSD trauma work and intensive therapy is allowing me not just to ‘reclaim’ parts of me, it’s allowing me to find them…this is the first time I have ever been able to live freely. I am safe now. I am safe for the first time in my 35 years…and I had no idea that life and living could feel this good. I am humbled by the grace of God.

The good news truly is about “aliveness” or life to the full. Thanks be to God!