A Reader Writes: I didn’t feel he was speaking to me …

A reader writes:

I realize Brian may not see this, but I need some place to go to tell him thanks. I read him years ago, when “A New Kind of Christian” first came out. After the initial trilogy and one or two other books, I didn’t really read him any longer. No real reason. I just wasn’t where he was, it seemed to me, and it didn’t feel that he was speaking to me. But in the past few months I’ve been going through a bit of deconstruction and coming back to read him again has been a gift, a very necessary guide in the journey and I’m grateful for his work. God speaks through him often.
So, thank you, Brian. You’ve been a help and a blessing and a tremendous encouragement these past few months!

Glad to know you’re finding a connection – and thanks for sending the encouragement!