A reader writes: funny story

A reader writes:

I wanted to tell you a funny story about how I found my church community here in [the Bible Belt]. As much as you might cringe to think that someone would use such a litmus test — when I first came here, I was having trouble narrowing down my search for a good church. So I just searched all the churches in town that had at some point hosted you as a speaker. I think I found two – one close and one far away. Naturally, I picked the one closest, a Baptist church of all things (!), and it has been as good a large church community as I’ve ever been a part of. I even got Baptized and became a member, both for the first time. So, thanks for that! I actually think you should post a list of all the churches you have spoken at in North America at some point. That would be a helluva list, and a great way for people to narrow down their searches in a new place. It might also provide a great network of pastors/churches for spreading information…

Glad I was helpful in your search for a church! The idea of a list is a good one … in fact, some friends of mine are working on such a “finder” tool. See more here: http://www.convergenceus.org