A Reader Writes: Forming a New Faith Community

A reader writes:

Good morning, Brian,

I hope this finds you doing incredibly well. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for all your work over the years. Your New Kind of Christian series was a key resource that helped me work through some early turbulence on my journey into pastoral ministry.  I have benefited from your work since, reading everything I have been able to get my hands on.
After serving as a pastor in a couple different churches for over a decade, I now find myself working on forming a new faith community. We are intentionally focused on ministering to those falling through the cracks of traditional expressions of the church. With regards to form, we are seeking to be a network of house churches – gathering small weekly, and coming together as a larger network for story telling and celebration once a month. This year we have chosen to utilize We Make the Road by Walking in our gatherings as a springboard for conversation and connection.
I am excited for the participatory learning/reflection environment that will be possible out of this journey together.
Thanks for your note! This is the third note I’ve received today about We Make the Road By Walking. That’s really encouraging! As you know, one of the main reasons I wrote the book was to help people do exactly what you’re doing. So many people find themselves in an area where there is no faith community that can welcome them honestly … I’m glad to be in partnership with you in opening that kind of space where you live. God bless!