A reader writes: Energizing my curacy

Just wanted to say thank you for your writing and insights God has given you. Your book, Generous Orthodoxy, was a breath of fresh air and articulated much of how I had seeing the Christian faith since my teenage years, but could not find in the Churches I attended or could understand why not. This book was instrumental in drawing me back to church and on to ordained ministry in the Church of England.
I am currently reading your book, A New Kind of Christianity, and all I can say is yes, yes , yes. Having grown up within a conservative evangelical household and church, you have said everything I have know within for years. Having just completed theology in Cambridge, UK, the number of heated discussions I have go had with both my conservative, liberal and Anglo-catholic brothers and sisters (including my learned tutors) on precisely these issues has worn me out. We are so invested in what you call the six lines. It is so wonderful to know that I am not on my own in seeking the non dualistic understanding of the Christian faith. This book is helping me to articulate this within my relationships with those of Christian faith and those not. It’s a great help in energising my curacy.
Sorry for all the gushing, but thank you. Never allow your critics to get you down!

Thanks for these encouraging words. God bless you in your ministry!