A reader writes … easily accessible to our youth

A reader writes:

I’ve been doing an internship at a small Presbyterian church since last summer. In addition to my intern duties, I have been offered a position as Christian Education Administrator as they decide how to reorganize after losing their long time DCE.
Our youth group has dwindled over the years. They were wanting something that would create excitement and help the youth think about their faith. A few weeks ago, we introduced WMTRBW. We used John Stonecypher’s videos and worked with the material to make it easily accessible to our youth. The response has been great.
Your book has made a new way of approaching scripture easily understood by congregations who are wanting to move forward but are not sure of how to do so.

It’s great to hear how the book is being employed in congregations like yours. I’m so glad to be in partnership with you and John Stonecypher and many others.