A Reader Writes: As a lifelong Evangelical Christian …

A reader writes:

Thank you for writing Faith after Doubt, which I’ve just about finished reading I am deeply moved by your book as it mirrors much of my own experience in so many ways, but goes deeper and farther than I’ve gone so far.  I am relatively new to your work, but … I find a deep sense of resonance with your ideas.

As a lifelong Evangelical Christian (65 years of age) … I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your book, which gives me greatly needed comfort and hope at this stage in my life — comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in my disillusionment with the baggage that comes with my life-long adherence to the faith; and hope that I don’t have to waver indefinitely between faith and doubt … I’ve been anxious to move on from my dying adherence to Christianity, but the sense of guilt and danger is, at times, overwhelming.  The renewed sense of hope that your book gives me is exactly what I need at this point in my own personal journey. Thank you so much.

Messages like these are already coming in about Faith After Doubt, and as you can imagine, each one brings encouragement. That phrase “waver indefinitely between faith and doubt” captures perfectly how so many feel. I hope my book helps them realize that this kind of paralysis (similar to what I call in the book Stage Three) can indeed be resolved (at least temporarily) by throwing out faith entirely (as many do), but it can also be an opportunity to move into a larger, deeper, wider and more expansive faith …

The attempted coup last week (and who knows what further violence we’ll see in the coming days) should give many white Christians in the US second thoughts about what they’ve become. I hope my book can help at least a few of them go on a needed spiritual migration.

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