A Reader Writes: As a Gay New York Jew …

A reader writes:

As a gay New York Jew who was tormented by Southern Baptists when I was moved to Texas as a teen in the 1970s, this here needs saying.

We Christians, in particular, need to face the degree to which white Christianity has failed – grievously, tragically, unarguably failed – to teach its white adherents to love their non-white neighbors as themselves. Congregations of all denominations need to make this an urgent priority – to acknowledge the degree to which white American Christianity has been a chaplaincy to white supremacy for centuries, and in that way, has betrayed the gospel. Our Christian leaders need to face the deep roots of white Christian supremacy that go back to 1452 and the Doctrine of Discovery, and before that, to the tragic deals made by 4th Century Bishops with Emperor Constantine, and before that, to the rise of Christian antisemitism mere decades after Jesus. This tense season of our history needs to be, quite literally, a come-to-Jesus moment for Christianity in America.

Thank you.
I wish I could tape this paragraph to the wall in the catacombs of the Vatican when we visit there next week.
Thanks for writing. I hope your trip to Rome was meaningful – I’m “taping” your note and the quote to this little corner of the wall of the internets. Have a great 2019!