A reader writes: a song inspired by WMTR

A reader writes:

I told you I would update you on how it is going at First Presbyterian Palo Alto using your book for our Sunday worship, and I am pleased to say it is going really well! People in the congregation have so many positive things to say. They are remarking that we are preaching on passages they have never heard (especially when we were in the OT during the fall). People are also responding positively to getting a larger view of the story arc of scripture. For me personally, it has challenged me to not get lost in the details of these long passages and try to preach about the core truth that is being communicated. So I want to thank you for providing this valuable resource!!
Also, Rob Martin, my supervisor and the head pastor here, is a hymn writer. He wrote one inspired by your book, and we thought you would like to see it, so I have attached it.

Thanks for this encouragement. If other churches are interested, you can learn more about using the book for a season-long or year-long curriculum here. For a year-long framework for worship and teaching, you’d begin in September with Chapter 1.
Rob graciously gave me permission to include his lyrics here:

We Make the Road by Walking Forth
(Sung to the tune KINGSFOLD)
Words by W. Robert Martin, III
We make the road by walking forth
In faith and not by sight,
A journey of discovery
With challenge and delight.
This path takes us to wider realms
Where joy and faith can grow—
As Christ, beside us on the way,
Guides gently where we go.
We make the road by walking forth
In hope and not in fear
A byway built on trust and love
That brings the Spirit near.
This path shall cause the blind to see
The mute to find their voice
The last to boldly lead the way
The hurt to cry, “Rejoice”.
We make the road by walking forth
With joy and not regret,
A path where all are truly loved
And long-held needs are met.
This path will lead us to a place
Where hate will finally cease
As we, who journey on the Way,
Proclaim God’s promised peace.