A reader writes …

Hi, Brian – I greatly enjoyed your provocative presentation at the Festival of Homiletics today. I was put in mind of a song by Peter Mayer, a singer-songwriter in my Unitarian Universalist tradition, that I thought you would enjoy. It’s called “the Birthday Party,” and it concerns the aforementioned holy ones getting together to attend a birthday party for Jesus.

It’s here . Another of Peter’s songs that would speak, or sing to you, I think, is called “Everything is Holy Now.” It’s here

You are a great encouragement to those of us who are trying to build bridges among and between religious communities where they have been blown out, mostly a lack of imagination and commitment Never stop.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m a big Peter Mayer fan, but I hadn’t heard “Birthday Party.” It’s a treat when songs and books strike a synergy. Here’s one you might like from Phil Madeira.