a prayer about the earth …

The poignant prayer of confession was written by my friend Ted Durr … It was inspired by Psalm 78

Dear God,
You, who have done so much, please receive this confession from us, who honor [what you have done] so poorly.
On Monday we breathe air you give us. We remember not to keep it clean.
On Tuesday we fill soil with nitrogen, minerals, and trace of salt. We call this enrichment. We remember not how it poisons earth.
On Wednesday we spew out carbon and refuse. We remember not how You made Earth To Be One living, breathing Whole.
On Thursday we dam up a stream and remember not the creatures who live there.
On Friday we fly away to ‘quaint places’, and remember not the balance of land, people, and ancestors who go back to beginnings.
On Saturday we celebrate consuming ways and call it blessing; we drive over paved acres, and call it progress; we dirt-bike on forest trails, and litter Nature; we watch flickering pixels and think they are real. We remember little, because we care too little.
On Sunday we sing, praise, listen, and pray, and call it ‘worship’. Today we ask: Dear God, having lived the past week with us: What do You call it? What do You remember? Dare we ask?
Please hear us, forgive us, and help us to get it better. Amen.
(A prayer of confession suggested by Psalm 78, written by Rev. Ted Durr)