A note from a Palestinian

A reader writes:

I have read your comments regarding the Palestinian question, your answer was clear and convincing, I wish there are more people like you
I want to thank you so much, there are good people in this world and I hope that it will be more like you
I am a Palestinian born before Israel was formed, I was born in 1946 and it hurts me when i hear others say that we do not exist
I live in exile in [Europe] for 40 years now and I do not know if I will live to this day where my people can live like everyone else

Stay tuned for an important new initiative to promote healing solutions in the Middle East that are pro-peace, pro-justice, pro-Israeli, and pro-Palestinian …
And on the underlying issue of whether God is pro- or anti-favoritism, see this piece by George Sarris: http://blogs.christianpost.com/engaging-the-culture/2012/01/jacob-i-loved-esau-i-hated-10/#more