A New Kind of Christianity: responses and interviews

Here’s a new podcast interview up – from Travis Mamone.
This in from an ex-evangelical reader …

i just finished your new book, ‘a new kind of christianity.’ i’d only read one other before that, ‘the secret message of jesus.’ i want to THANK YOU for being so brave in writing this book. it is DEEPLY NECESSARY….. in fact, it gives me a good dose of hope that such a prolific christian writer, such as yourself, is saying these things. i’m right with you…… in the last year or so, i’ve dabbled with agnosticism and i’m still not sure i can even believe in god anymore, let alone the evangelical christian one i was raised on. your book makes the christian path more plausible to me once again. for all the crap you may be getting about saying what you have in your new book, i am not in doubt that i represent many voices who are saying “yes yes yes!” keep on this brave path brian. keep on!