A New Kind of Christianity at Ten

A reader writes …

Brian, what can I say. I loved your “A New Kind of Christian” trilogy. Thank you so much for engaging in the kinds of questions that many Christians have but don’t feel comfortable they can ask or talk about to just anyone. All too often in churches, it seems, questions are disregarded as unimportant or insignificant, rather than the vehicle for learning and understanding truth, and life, and God. That’s why I so appreciated this book trilogy. They help create a safe environment to think freely, and they have become great resources to use when discussing many of the questions we all have. I also appreciated how each of the stories shed light on what often goes on behind the scenes in ministry for pastors and others in clerical work. Having been a youth pastor previously and taken on a variety of ministry roles over the past 10 years, I have first hand experience of what sometimes happens when we begin to rethink or critique currently held Christian beliefs and practices. These stories give a glimpse of how we can live healthier lives a followers of Jesus. Being open with one another, challenging each other, and growing together in this incredible journey with Jesus. So a big thank you Brian!

It’s hard to believe that next year (2011) it will be ten years since A New Kind of Christian originally came out. I was in Ft. Worth over the weekend, and several people came up and told me that the NKOC trilogy played a big role in their lives. On top of that, Sheryl Fullerton, who was my editor at Jossey-Bass for the trilogy, was in Ft. Worth too. It was great seeing her, and I hope she felt a sense of reward for her hard work in publishing over these many years … So all of this together is tremendously encouraging – to know that ten years after a book comes out, it is still finding new readers and having a meaningful impact. Thanks for the note, and for your good work.