A Joyful Request … About This Summer!

Hi, friends …
You know I’m a person who believes that our world is in trouble, and that the message of Jesus has a lot to say about that. More and more of us are coming together to translate that faith into constructive action.
It’s been shown that the number one way to bring about change is to create spaces where people’s paradigms or mental models can be challenged and changed. So a few years ago, some of us set out to do just that and we created the Wild Goose Festival. The Festival has already grown to be the largest gathering of its type in North America.
I’d like to encourage you to view a brief video created by some of my friends, which in about seven minutes goes a long way toward conveying the meaning and the spirit of the Goose.
If you agree with me that it’s worth sharing, please pass it along though your website, blog, social media, or email.
Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/wlTgGGlR1bk
The Wild Goose is offering a 25% ticket discount for those who buy their festival tickets as result of watching this video. The discount code appears at the end, along with a link to the website.
Thanks for your good work and for your kindness in considering this request.
Brian McLaren