A Jewish reader writes: Dickinson

Thank you for your book A New Kind of Christianity. As a Jewish man, and physician, it has insights that all faiths and professions can learn from. I found great wisdom in the Dickinson poem “Tell All the Truth” referenced in it as the poem eloquently explains why change is so difficult.
Truth must be told and available to everyone, but told as a line moving up (or down) or “slant”, as a continuum with a beginning and an end. Successful myth or false truth happens when told over and over as if the circular repetition (“circuit”) proves fact. “Success in circuit lies” or “Success in circuit, lies.” Our “sick” or infirm spirit (“delight”) cannot often see the the wonder (“superb surprise”) of bright, powerful or blinding truth, like looking directly at the sun. As the power and shock of truth (lightning) settles (“eases”) on our human, but limited (child-like) minds, with “kind,” loving, constructive community reflection, truth is revealed, slowly and magically to “dazzle gradually.” Taken too fast great truth is hidden in the plain sight of a dazzling sun (“or every man be blind”).

You’re so right: Emily Dickinson is a wonder. Thanks for your note.