A is For Abductive

A is for Abductive cover This book, coauthored with Len Sweet and Jerry Haselmayer, is set up like a dictionary: A is for … B is for … It’s not heavy reading, but attempts to deliver some important content in short chunks of intense (and sometimes light-hearted) prose. Several entries (like “Deconstruction”) tackle difficult terms and seek to show their relevance for life and ministry in the emerging culture. It was a blast to work with Len on the content, with Jerry focusing on “epictivities” for groups.

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Publisher’s Description

A playful, witty, but substantive “postmodern ministry for dummies-type” book that fills the huge and getting huger hunger for something in one volume that introduces basic concepts and vernacular of “postmodern ministry.”
A Is for Abductive
B is for Body
C is for Carpe Manana
D is for Double-Ring
E is for EPICtivities

Z is for Zending
Do You Know the Postmodern Alphabet?
The letters are all the same, but the things they stand for are as different as the future is from the past. A Is for Abductive helps you get a handle today on the vocabulary of tomorrow, and on concepts indispensable for living out the old-fashioned gospel in these newfangled times.
“You caused this book,” writes one of the authors. “People like you were insisting on a beginner’s guide to the pathway of postmodern ministry.” Here it is. There is no right or wrong place to begin—just pick a letter and start reading. You’ll acquire new words for a new world that will change how you think about church, about ministry, and about what it means to follow in Jesus’ footsteps—entering today’s culture in order to love it, serve it, and lead it home to God.

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