A Christmas Gift that Gives Twice – available for order today

I’m honored to be a contributor to this beautiful book — A Stranger And You Welcomed Me.

It’s a collection of homilies (sermons) that correspond to Cycle B of the Liturgical Year.

It’s a gift that any Christian in your circle of family and friends will find inspiring and meaningful — starting with your priest or pastor, but extending far beyond.

All the contributors agreed that all proceeds will go to ministries that help the most vulnerable. So your gift gives twice.

You’ll find ordering information here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/194041430X/


Here’s a brief description:

After its first successful and award winning book series of homilies and reflections for the three liturgical cycles, Clear Faith Publishing is thrilled to launch its new series! So, once again, some of the finest homilists have come together to build a new compilation of homilies and reflections beginning with Cycle B of the Liturgical Year. A Stranger and You Welcomed Me breaks open the Sunday and Feast Days readings in order to provide insight, warmth, humor and spiritual food for the reader. Under the moniker ‘Homilists for the Homeless,’ the gift of these preachers makes it possible for proceeds from the sale of every book to go toward charities that welcome the stranger in our lives.