A 13%-through reader writes …

about Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

I just wanted to tell you how timely your book has been. I’m only 13%
of the way through it (can you tell I got the Kindle edition?) but it
has been very affirming.
I resonate with the spectrum you laid out. I’ve long been a middle of
the road guy…my line about my denomination is “we’re evangelicals, but we’re
nice.” And I suspect that option D is where I really want to be. I’m
looking forward to learning more and finishing the book.
Blessings on you and the new book. I hope it will get a wide reading.
(I suppose I could wait until I finish it to say that, you know,
given the warning you offer at the beginning, but I suspect even the
bits that I may disagree with will give me much to ponder.)