7 Minutes for Your Soul

My friends Christopher Hale (I have 3 friends by this name!) and Miranda Stone are gifted songwriters, musicians, leaders of worship/meditation, and filmmakers. Here is a beautiful piece they shared with me recently (lyrics below):


Pawana Atma Antaryami: A devotional bhajan performed by Yeshu Satsang Toronto, originally found in the NBCLC Hindi booklet.

Paawana Aatma Antarayaami Pure, holy Spirit of God, the “One who knows my inner self”

Barsaado apani kripa… Pour down your grace/favour/compassion/forgiveness

Barsaado apani shakti… Pour down your power/strength

Barsaado nija varadaan… Pour down your gifts of blessing


You can read more about the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=448&v=UNrpYwXZ3J8