60 gifts I’m grateful for (Part 3)

21. Nieces and Nephews and other extended family … each a gift who mean more to me as I get older.
22. Averie … our first grandchild, radiant with exuberance and joy.
23. Mia … our second grandchild, a sweet and gentle soul.
24. Ella … our third grandchild, a well of creativity.
25. Lucas … our fourth grandchild, my littlest pal.
26. Granddaughter number five … whom we’ll meet this summer!
27. Thinking of my grandchildren, I think of my own childhood: holidays, vacations, summer camps, pets, playmates … skateboarding, exploring the woods and swamps, catching all manner of creatures, playing hide and seek and soccer, reading great books, enjoying wonderful friends.
28. Thinking of my childhood, I think of the great education I received … wonderful teachers from kindergarten through graduate school. People often complain about public schools, but I am so grateful for my public school and state university education. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
29. Then there’s my spiritual education … learning from sermons, Sunday School classes, family devotions (which I constantly complained about, but benefitted from nonetheless), and later, mentors.
30. Speaking of my mentors … from Dave to Rod to Tom to Stan to Dallas to Marcus to Phyllis and many more, I have been blessed with encouragers a few years to a few decades older than me. They inspire me to want to do the same for others, all the more in the decade ahead.
More tomorrow …