2014: The Year of the Bible

This is the year that an important conversation will break out from behind closed doors.
This is the year that several Christian leaders are speaking out about our need for a new way of understanding, approaching, and employing Scripture.
Today, Steve Chalke’s important new article on the Bible went public. You can dowload it here: http://www.oasisuk.org/theologyresources/restoringconfidence
And you can watch Steve introduce it here:

Restoring Confidence in the Bible from Oasis UK on Vimeo.

Next month, Adam Hamilton’s “Making Sense of the Bible” comes out.
And in June, my We Make the Road by Walking will be published.
By year’s end, there should be some robust dialogue going on about what the Bible is, how it has been abused, and how we should more wisely and faithfully engage with the Bible in the years ahead. Let’s all do all we can to bring this important conversation the attention it deserves.